A fun filled showcase of all your favorite hits from the 80’s!  With trivia questions, crowd participation, contests, prizes and (ah-hem), “choreographed” dance moves, they are a tribute band like nothing you’ve seen before!

With pocket protectors, taped glasses, bow ties and suspenders…this lively, interactive and energetic group of nerds have come Back To The Future from the 1980’s to remind you of those days when Video Killed the Radio Star and we got Blisters In The Sun while Working For the Weekend.

Those times when we would Jump in Cars, wear Sunglasses At Night and you would Fight for Your Right to Party Like its 1999 at the Love Shack on Electric Avenue in Funkytown.

So when the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and let out a Rebel Yell, tell Your Love to get Jessie’s Girl and call Jenny, Jenny (867-5309)My Sharona and… Oh, Mickey to Whip It into shape, get Footloose and Rock The Casbah!

Protect your pockets…The NERDS are back!!!!!